Abdul's Ravings

Here is Nic’s page. It was most certainly here all along and not lost in the infinite void.

We are not the first beings to call this world, this plane, this universe our home. No, there are darker things than you can imagine that lurk behind this existence. Those who were ancient in the deep dark long before light first forced their shadows to take form. This world, this reality as we call it, is imposed by us and our gods. This lie hides the true nature of the cosmos, which in its natural, preferred shape, is formless crawling insanity. And it waits for us at the edge of our thoughts…
The first being, like a constant droning whisper behind the darkness dreamt our gods into being. And the gods in turn created the facade of order from this natural chaos. They arranged the elements and laws of our universe with just enough complexity as to be understandable to our limited consciousness. It was they that lowered a veil over our eyes so as to hide the horrifying truth of the world from us. But behind it, the true reality still spins, laughing at us as we cling to this rock of sanity we have built.
Our gods fought these these cosmic horrors, and somehow, it is not remembered how, they won. The gods trapped their creator, deep within the earth and left seals of great power behind to maintain their prison. These are the sunstones, relics of great power. You have one in your possession already, I sense it, but there are others. Originally there were 11 such seals, but over the millennia they have waned. Perhaps it is the gods themselves that are fading, or perhaps our reality is just decomposing like the rotten carcass it is.

Regardless, now only three remain. If they fall, reality itself will come undone and the frail walls of our world will come crashing down revealing the unthinkable reality behind it. The yawning chasm of chaos is gibberish insanity and it hungers for us to witness it. Just a glimpse of the truth broke me such as I had to retreat to my own world, to put yet another buffer between me and the crowded emptiness that waits. But madness is patient, and it returns to me no matter what I do, or where I go…

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Abdul's Ravings

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